When Things Need a Fresh Look

We've been running with this format for years and would like to change things, can you come up with some idea's and costings for us?

Our customers will sometimes come to us asking if we could redesign there stationery or change the whole look of things quite radically!!

We were asked recently to change the look of a yearly information book that we produce for one of our clients.

The main brief was to change the cover completely, moving away from using the typical card.

At first we looked at using 100% recycled papers and boards as these can have a very different look to them with regard to finishes and textures, however this still wasn't quite what the client was looking for.

We then moved away from papers completely looking at synthetic materials, which was very well received by our client.

We suggested that maybe we produce a cover from polypropylene. We would have to print using a silk screen process with solvent inks as normal conventional litho inks would not adhere to the surface of the polypropylene.

We then were faced with the problem of the polypropylene having 'memory' and wanting to spring open again.

We solved this problem by producing a tool that would die cut the cover out including a tab mechanism that would wrap round interlocking with the front, therefore keeping it closed, a bit like a gentleman's wallet.

The cover could then be conventionally saddle stitched to the text section.

The client was very pleased with what we had produced, who has since received positive feed back from their clients.

We have since discovered that we can use the polypropylene as a membrane sandwiched between metals to create some very different boxes and files!

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