Printing the Finest Art Catalogues

Fine Art Catalogues are a nightmare for printers as the images printed in the catalogues must match the paintings, or works of art. The catalogues are posted all round the world. Delivery must be Five working days, including design and proofs. But we took on the challenge and succeeded where others failed!!

We were asked by a local Auction House if we could quote on producing their fine art catalogues. The client wanted to move away from his existing printer because of the problems he was experiencing with variation in colour and that the reproduction would no match the various items he was trying to sell, for example; paintings, fine furniture, glass and porcelain etc.

He told us that the proofs would seem to be ok, only when the final catalogues were delivered they did not match.

This was a major problem as the catalogues were being sent all over the world to various buyers and he had found that due to the poor reproduction buyers were not appreciating the true colours and quality of the item, which had a serious knocking on affect to what his clients were prepared to pay.

We explained that digital proofs are not always accurate with regard to colour and that any proof should be for checking the content, spelling etc - and the general layout and that if there were any issues relating to a specific colour or the reproduction of image then the pantone matching system should be used, or a machine wet proof should be allowed for, this is where the main press is set up and will actually print the particular image.

Also we recommended that the photographer needs to ensure that what is supplied to us is a good match to the piece and that he may have to colour correct first before the final artwork comes to us, as we can only print what's supplied to us.

We also suggested that once the general layout and content has been approved we print what's known as a 'scatter' proof on the main press that will print the final catalogue. We would layout all of the colour images onto a B3 sheet - 360mm x 520mm, that could be checked before printing the catalogue, if any adjustment was needed to the colours it could be done at that stage.

This process was implemented and the first catalogue was received very well and for the first time ever our client received a phone call for the agent in Paris who managed the Artist, Razumov Konstantin saying that how pleased she was with the catalogue and that how accurate the paintings were to the reproductions printed in the catalogue. We also received positive comments from the photographer who was reported to have walked round the auction house with the our catalogue comparing every image, he could not fault any!!

We since have printed all of the Auction Houses catalogues and have enjoyed an excellent business relationship, that spans over Six years.

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