Custom Wine Labels

For truly bespoke printers, nothing is impossible, including low volume, custom wine labels which may have been an impossible project for some maybe!

We were recently approached by one of our clients asking us to produce some wine labels for their own private vineyard in South Africa.

The client hadn't any artwork, but was very keen that his old school crest appeared on the front label.

Our client wanted certain areas of the crest embossed and gold foiled. The only access to this crest was from the old school website, which was low resolution, so we pretty much had to scan and re-draw.

Plus the client only wanted fifty front and fifty back labels which meant that the unit cost of the label was extremely high, which although the client was happy to pay left us feeling that he would be getting, what would appear to be very little for a great deal of money.

We spoke to the client and asked that if there would be wine produced in future years maybe let us produce more labels at the same time but on 250 leave the date off, (which appeared as gold foil on the label).

Then all that's needed is to foil the date only without having to repeat the whole process again.

Our suggestion was greatly received by the client, further more saving him around £500 on future wine label orders!

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